Digital Announcers

Belvetone Systems offers uniquely Intelligent Message Repeaters to provide flexible solutions through easy-to-use features. At the heart of each announcer is its playlists, which control, coordinate, and organize the playing of messages.  Playlists can control the spacing between events and the audio output volume.  They can invoke other playlists to run.   And they can define how a Control Input will be interpreted when a contact closure occurs.  Our announcers are feature-rich to allow almost infinite customization.   Two announcers can even be configured to work in tandem to provide up to 30 physical control inputs. Announcers work well in grocery, retail and clothing stores with changing specials and new product announcements at the press of a button.

Additional features include auto attendants for business phone systems that automatically reroute calls without any attendants to direct extensions or recorded messages.