Large Scale Printed Signs

Large scale digital printing makes use of a digital printing process where there are no plates and cylinders involved. The digital file is sent directly to the printer using a computer. During the printing process, the printer takes in the substrate (medium) and starts firing jets of ink onto its surface. The ink forms a thin layer on the surface of the medium through infusion caused by the toner’s reaction to heat and then dries up. The process is fast and the press can print on a variety of substrates. Examples of large format digital print products are: 

• Vinyl Banners
• Yard Signs
• Poster Signs
• Window Clings
• Canvas Prints
• Sticky Back Posters
• Photo Enlargements 

Large format digital printing makes large scale advertisements possible. The end results io more visible ads and higher reach. Just remember to determine the design, platform (where to place your ad), and specifics for your event as these will all contribute in deciding which large format print is best to use.